Thursday, April 17, 2014

P.W. - Happy (David Montoya Edit)

My interpretation of one of my favorite tracks by P.W. HAPPY. Enjoy!
This is a Bootleg Remix by David Montoya meant for promotional use only and can not be sold in anyway,shape or form.

Episode 212 David Montoya and Mattski

Modern Soul Radio::Episode 212
1hr mixed by David Montoya 
1.Louie Vega starring Axel Tosca - Sunlight(Louie Vega Ritual Dub)
2.Pablo Fierro & Cristian Vinci - Herencia Latina
3.Rock With You (Pablo Fierro Remix)
4.Matteo - Tamboe (Bolas Version)
5.Gianluca Pighi ft Massimo Paramour - The Well (Tyrone Francis BNY Remix)
6.Nathan Adams - Stay Away (Sir LSG Vocal Mix)
7.Hyenah - The Wish (Manoo Darkside Remix)
8.Exzotic - Seam Vibes (Spiritual Tribe Mix)
9.Holly - Bang Bang
10.Frankey ft Sandrino - The Edge
11.MoBlack - Musica
12.Boddhi Satva ft Ze Pequenio - Stop Jealousy (Culoe De Song Shelt Edit)

2nd hr mixed by Guest DJ Mattski (Rock The Box Show, Underverse Sanctuary, S.F.)
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 211 David Montoya and Mr. Welz

Modern Soul Radio::Episode 211
1st hr mixed by David Montoya
1.Arnaud D. - Momba
2.Rancido ft Bright Coffee - Awassa
3.Nicolas Jaar - With Just One Glance (Zepherin Saint Edit)
4.Kem - Jesus (Dino & Terry Edit)
5.PW - Happy (David Montoya ruff Edit)
6.Nathan Adams - Sweetness In Your Soul (Louie's Re-Touch Main Mix)
7.Roland Clark - I Love A Black Woman (Jihad M. BTD Instrumental)
8.Soule Villain - Spiritual Dojo
9.George Vibe - My Roots
10.Jazztronik - Tiger Eyes (Needs Dub Joe DiPadova Remix)
11.Boston Rodriguez ft Cherie Mathieson - Lost In Space (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)

2nd hr mixed by guest DJ Mr. Welz (Soundzwel Music,S.A.)
1.Afroslayves - Impawu Zengoma
2.Afroslayves - Tribe Call
3.Afroslayves - DYNA
4.Afroslayves - God's Element
5.AndyBoi - 4am
6.Aforlsyaves - Tears of Africa
7.Ananda Project - Deliverancee (Culoe de song Remix)
8.Afroslayves - Moloko

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Episode 210 David Montoya and Monocles

Modern Soul Radio::Episode 210
1st hr mixed by David Montoya
1.Gabriel Poso - Invocation 001 (Yoruba Soul Remix)
2.Lady Alma - It's House Music (Feel It Mix)
3.MAQman ft. Joseph Junior - Can't Do Without It (Sir LSG Vocal Mix)
4.Booker T. ft Mike City - Just 2 C U Smile (Luis Radio & Souldynamic Vocal Mix)
5.Peven Everett - No Making Up With You (Terry Hunter BANG! Remix)
6.Miz-dee & Dolls Combers ft Dana Byrd - Open Your Eyes (Afrique Essence)
7.Blaze - We R 1 (David Montoya Edit)
8.Djeff ft. Kholi - Different (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
9.United Tribes - Man From Suri (LooweeRs Dirty Bass Mix)
10.Pablo Fierro - Sandulivi (Louie Vega Main Remix)
11.Black Motion ft. Napeleon - The Feeling I Get

2nd hr mixed by guest DJ Monocles (Skalla Recs., S.A.)
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Episode 209 David Montoya and Tommytoonz

Modern Soul Radio::Episode 209
1st hr mixed by David Montoya
1.Zepherin Saint ft. Sonny Harrelson - Make A Better Life (Tribe Vocal Mix)
2.Franke Estevez - Don't Stop (Main Mix)
3.Mory Kante
4.Dogtronix - Tomorrow (Dogtronix's Spiritual Walk Re-Work)
5.Sade - Pearls
6.L.Young - I Love My Girl (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal)
7.Rona Ray ft. Genvee - Tears of Ocean (Conference Vocoder Original)
8.Problem Child - Nay'Inkinga (Drummerville Celebration Mix)
9.Bemba Colora (AnoNYmus Edit)
10.Invaders of Afrika - IOA In Wonderland
11.Adrian Marcel - Heratbreaker (Neter's Unbroken Splyttah' Mix)

2nd hr mixed by Guest DJ Tommytoonz(Cali Deep Sessions) 

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Episode 208 David Montoya ad Afrikan Roots

Modern Soul Radio::Episode 208
1st hr mixed by David Montoya
1.DJ Swift ft. Oscar P. - The Drum (Jose Marquez Remix)
2.Nina - Oys's Bembe (Main Mix)
3.Luis Radio - The Timtrack (Beats)
4.Pablo Martinez ft. Veema Louys - Aqui Vem O Sol (Clique AMP Vocal)
5.Mellow Baku and The Friday People - The Messenger (DJ Spen and Gary Hudgins Full Vocal Remix)
6.Bebel Gilberto - Aganju (Azee Project Brazil Mix)
7.E. - Hiya (David Montoya Edit)
8.Sonz of Afrika - Ubuthakathi (LuuDrumma's Ultimate AfroDance Test)
9.Willis Wataffi - Harare (Afrika Unite Mix)
10.Falomir! ft. Pablo Revuelta - Chiquillo (Jozik Afro Deep Mix)
11.Over12, Ejay, Kaculo, Hagga - Otchissungo (Mreja and Neuvikal Soule Afro Remix)
12.Zano ft. Pascal Morais - Thatha Kancane (Infected Soul Remix)

Guest DJ Afrikan Roots
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